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Press Release:  “The Analyst”, by John Katzenbach/Life & Pictures.

“An expert in the exploration of deviant minds.”

“(A) soul-searching thriller… A contemporary tale of stolen identity, revenge and self-discovery.”

“Tautly paced with impeccable timing… vivid prose and expert plotting.”

Life & Pictures, the cutting edge Barcelona-based film production company, has optioned John Katzenbach’s international bestseller “The Analyst”. Attached to direct the film is award-winning Spanish director Jesús Monllaó-Plana. Producer Sebastian Mery intends to cast the film with both American and British performers and shoot in the English language. For director Monllao-Plana, this movie will feature a bigger budget, but working in the same genre – a psychological thriller – as his debut film, the festival favorite: “Hijo de Cain.” (“Son of Cain”)

“The Analyst” tells the story of Frederick Starks, a New York psychoanalyst who leads a comfortable and –so he believes– blameless life. His whole world is suddenly turned upside down by a forgotten former patient who believes Starks’s neglect ruined his life.  The patient – known only as Rumplestiltskin from the fairy tale – gives Dr. Starks a fortnight to piece together what he did and to whom he did it.  The mysterious Rumplestiltskin presents the doctor with an existential choice: Take his own life or watch some innocent member of his family be murdered. The clock on this dilemma starts ticking immediately.

John Katzenbach has written eleven world bestsellers, three of which have been adapted by Hollywood Studios: “The Mean Season”, directed by the late Phillip Borsos, featuring Kurt Russell and Mariel Hemingway; “Hart’s War” with Gregory Hoblit at the helm, starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell and “Just Cause” directed by Arne Glimcher, with a cast of Sean Connery, Laurence Fishbourne and Ed Harris. First published in 2002, “The Analyst” has sold more than five million books worldwide.

Life & Pictures has gained international recognition for exciting, edgy cinema. Some of the titles in which it has been involved in production:

  • “The Birthday” by Eugenio Mira (Agnosia, Grand Piano)
  • “Mami Blue”  by Miguel Angel Calvo Buttini (main cast with Diogo Morgado),
  • “Son of Cain” by Jesús Monllaó (main cast Jose Coronado, Jack Taylor).
  • Series in coproduction with Scott Free, yet untitled, directed by David Victori

“Son of Cain” explores the triangle formed by a troubled teenager, his neglectful dad and a sensitive psychologist that treads risky grounds to explore his patient’s conduct. Cerebral logic, manipulation and perversion fill the plot  — elegantly directed by Jesús Monllaó-Plana. Spanish theatrical release achieved two weeks in the top 10 and three more in the top 20. It has been featured in international festivals from Havana to Montreal to New Delhi and sold worldwide.